VI seconds Album Demigod is fire

VI Seconds album Demigod is absolute fire

If Eminem is the Rap God then VI Seconds deserves the same title as his debut album Demigod. VI Seconds a.k.a Shizzy is a rapper out of Brooklyn, NY who has a range of styles making him a little unpredictable. Shizzy is with out a doubt my favorite rapper on the rise along side Robb Bank$. VI Seconds spits some sick bars and his wordplay is on point as seen in his song Kill Ricky. He’s able to keep listeners entertained and is a lyrical storyteller who is able to provoke emotion. If he gets enough exposure this man will be one of the best if not the best rappers to date, it’s only a matter of time till he gets signed.

As far as his album goes he put 2 years of work into it and damn sure killed the tracks. I would say that it’s a five star album if it weren’t for the song Boom Boom Bye which I didn’t like but that’s just me.

Follow VI Seconds Twitter @visecs


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