With the NFL Draft coming up I figured that this would be a great time for me to explain my hatred for sports Anime. As a fan of Football (Pittsburgh Steelers), Basketball (Miami Heat), Hockey (Pittsburgh Penguins), & many other sports I find sports anime to be very annoying and quite boring for several reasons. The two shows that I will be discussing about are Eyeshield 21 and Kukuro no Basket. Don’t worry I won’t go too much into Football after all your here for anime.

1) They are too unrealistic:
Now I get that anime is supposed to be unrealistic but they shouldn’t go the lenghts they do in shows like Kukuro no Basket and Eyeshield 21 take it over the top making it seem as if the creators have never seen the actual sports (more than likely they probably haven’t)

2) They don’t represent the sport very well:

For a show to be about sports I’m surprised that I didn’t see any “rivalries” some perfect examples would be the Ravens-Steelers rivalry or the Heat-Bulls rivalry. In neither of these shows I haven’t noticed a noticible rivalry ( granted I didn’t finish either). Not do I recalling seeing any “real fans”

3) It’s not exciting
Now I know that both of these shows have a good amount of action but they don’t compare to the actual thing (granted it’s animated) the same thing goes for Madden and 2K they don’t have the same X-factor as the real thing.

4)The location
This applies more towards Eyeshield 21 since Basketball is a worldwide sport. I find it hard to imagine Japanese people playing football.

5)The main Character

The fact that the main character is pretty scrawny really gets on my nerves I get that he’s a running back  and they do have RB’s that are small such as Dri Archer who is 5’8 and around 170lbs but those guys are usually return specialist or moved to WR due to their small frame.