(Disclaimer: This is my first and rather sad attempt to review a manga any that I do in the future will be longer and more detailed)
Story:The Manga starts off with the main character Yuri Hondo standing over a dead body which pretty much told me that it was gonna some type of horror manga. The Manga proceeds with her running away from the killer that was near her in a rather large buildings. Once she gets outside she realizes that she is in a place full of high rise buildings which makes me think that it’s down town Tokyo because just about every Manga or anime that has skyscrapers or high rises takes place in Tokyo, but she says that it’s not Tokyo. She attempts to call the police but doesn’t succeed. Now you may be wondering why she doesn’t try to go to the first floor that’s because the ground floor is blocked off which is very suspicious. Yuri manages to contact her brother who manages to inform her that they are both in a parallel world (because phones work in a parallel world). I do want to know how they got in this alternate world but that will most likely be explained later. Her brother also informs her that each building is connected by bridges (which is so convenient) the fact that her brother knows as much as he does about this world makes me a little suspicious of him.
The art in this Manga is well done epically when it shows her running or moving. I would recommend this Manga just based on the first chapter, the story has potential and has peaked my interest. This Manga seems best suited for those who like psychological, horror, or mystery Manga. My rating for the first chapter would be 7.5/10. Read the Manga and tell me your thoughts on it I would be interested to see what other people may find suspicious about it