(I did this a while back and put it on anime amino but since I wanted to do an article and I had some things to do I just posted this)

Hey people it’s Blizzy I’m pleased to give you my thoughts on an anime that I thought was quite well done that anime is Shiki. Shiki is one of those anime that you wouldn’t think about watching if you don’t like vampires (which the reason why I held off on it for years) but while watching it I realized that this may be one of the best shows I’ve seen so I’ll give you ratings on several categories and then an overall judgment on the show and tell you whether you should watch it or stay away from it.

Story/Thoughts : This anime is about a town full of some close knit residents and many people dying of what they think is a disease but it turns out to be something else. The people of the town are way too nosey and often spread and give in to rumors which is kind of strange the stranger thing is that the forest around the small town is a graveyard which would probably make anyone who believes in the supernatural leave which is what I would do because common that seems like a set up for a murderer to kill you. 

Art: The art is done well but the characters seem too skinny and gives it an almost childish look, it also does make it hard to take it seriously, overall the character design seems strange but bearable. I would give the art a 5.5/10

Music: For me it’s hard to even notice the music but that’s probably because I’m not paying attention to it.The opening is decent but it pales in comparison to Another’s opening which had a more creep factor to it but Shiki’s opening fits it well. Overall the music gets a 8.5/10

Voice acting: The English dub ain’t bad but I prefer the Japanese dub better just because they are better at showing their emotions but both are very good. I’d give the voice acting a 8/10.

Characters: The characters are very well done but even though I don’t like the design of them but their development is so well done that I can over look the mistakes.

Final verdict: This anime is a must watch for anyone who likes supernatural, horror, or even mystery anime. I would reccomend watching the whole thing because it is very well done and because I’ve seen scenes from later in the show it’ll be worth it. Although if you don’t like gore then stay away as later episodes contain a lot of gore. My rating would be a 8/10