Anonymuz it’s a rapper from Florida who always seems to have a good flow and smart lyrics easily making him one of my favorite underground artist. Songs like The Ride, Darth Vader, and Evangelion X demonstrate his talent, he’s also a Youtuber and a member of the Gaming Illuminaughty. The sound quality of his music it’s excellent, the beat isn’t loud and his voice goes good with the beats although his voice sounds like he has a stuffed up nose but that’s just me being a little picky.

If I had to compare him to any artist that I listen to now it may have too be Robb Bank$ just because they’re smarter with their lyrics. In mainstream rap I can’t think of anyone that he things me of, if such an artist exist than I don’t know about them. Anon had a good chance to have success if he gets enough exposure because he has a different sound something that the rap industry needs. 

Anon also collabed with VI Seconds on a song called Tokyo Gold, Anon had a very smooth flow and some good bars although for VI Seconds to out do him as the featured artist Just shouldn’t happen I felt as if it was Shizzy’s song just because his party was better and had a bit more gravity to it.