First off let me say that Mafia 3 looks beautiful second let me say that this may be one of my most anticipated games thus far. Now let me dive straight into my thoughts on the gameplay that was revealed.

The mail is broken down into 10 districts suggesting that the playing area will be huge, each district will have it’s own distinct “personality” which is a way to make the game a bit more my immersive.


The gameplay shown looks very fluid and offers you a good amount of ways to handle the situation, the option to call in back up is a good addition for players who may struggle with the game although it does take some cash out of you pocket. The overall objective of the game seems to be to make your crime family the most dangerous in the city by taking down the mafia, this concept makes me think of Shadow Of Morrordor and Need For Speed Carbon while they may sound like an odd comparison but the objective in those games are basically the same.

The game slso seems to play  a bit like Watch Dogs, it also has some pretty sick executions. The AI seem to have their retarded moments if you hit them with a Molotov. 


The missions seem as though they’ll get a bit repetitive and the game will start to get boring as you progress unless they have a game saving plot.

Final Verdict: 

Mafia 3 looks to be an exciting game with plenty of life and a large map to explore. The graphics get a 9/10 but by the time tge game comes out they’ll probably be a bit better than watch dogs. The overall gameplay looks exciting but worth the way the game seems to be structured it’ll get boring and repetitive as you go on with the story, the AI doesn’t seem to be too difficult and extras like being able to call in reinforcements is a welcomed edition, and the fact that they made a system so that it can’t be abused is also a nice little bonus. This game is definitely a go and I will be coping it when it comes out and I reccommend you to do the same.

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