Now I’m not one to care much for leaks but this XB1 slim send pretty legit so I thought that I’d take a look at it and give you my thoughts. According too the Plug this thing is gonna have a 2 TB hard drive and will support 4K which I think should’ve been on the original but oh well. The main problem when it behind 4K it’s that if you don’t got a 4K TV then it makes no difference.

The new Xbox will also be able to stand vertically, it may seem like a useless addition but for me I’m glad that I gave that option workout having to worry about it falling over. Also this thing is going to have HDR. The biggest and mosy important piece of news is that the goddamn power brock it’s going to be built in. Hopefully when this thing droos the office on the original who’ll go down to $200 we should hear more about this Xbox One Slim or Xbox One S as they call it at E3.

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