My most anticipated game of E3 For all the right reasons. 

Graphics: First off let me take a second to relish graphics of this game… back to my thoughts the graphics look godly and I fucking love the landscape. The water looks amazing, and all around the game looks gorgeous.


The combat seemed very fluid and polished but the fight against the corrupter caught my eye especially. The Corrupter fight gave me the feeling of fighting a tougher enemy in Dark Souls,the game also seemed to take after The Witcher, the combat was faster and makes you have to change your strategy. The most intriguing aspect of the gameplay was when the Corrupter changed it’s attack pattern as it’s health lowered, which I would hate since it was jumping around like a fucking frog or a cat trying to pounce on something. Sadly there weren’t any player usable find in the gameplay which is a disappointment especially  since your fighting machines.

Character Design: 

The characters are gorgeous, espically the main character, the enemy designs are beautiful and remind me of the enemies in The Witcher. 


I’ll have to give Horizon: Zero Dawn a W the graphics are stunning  and the gameplay looks very fluid and polished. I’m stoked for it to drop and I’ll definitely cop it.