Krew$ is the artist who essentially got me into listening to underground rap. The bars that this man spat in  Ain’t Gold ” I can have a heart to heart with bitches what they don’t like about me what set me apart from niggas” was on that shit that i could connect with, then he spit ” runnin with ya niggas ain’t livin, bitches ain’t livin in a world where everybody so caught up on opinions” was true and pure fire. Lyrically I can’t see why parole would dislike his music ass although his song New Plug had me a bit thrown off as to what he was trying to convey, although the beat was great.

In certain song he has a sort of message like Kendrick or J Cole but in others like El Chapo, and Flip they are purely just for entertainment which is alright with me. His latest project Nothing To Talk About is definetly something to talk about his song Coast To Coast was amazing and the sound quality was A1. I would definetly want to see him drop a track with Robb Bank$. His style reminds me of Drake at times. Overall he’s extremely talented and it’s definitely capable of producing hits and competing with the top mainstream rappers I recommend that you check it his SoundCloud.

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