So I some how missed this awesome yet stupid trailer for a game called Days Gone. The game immediately reminded me of The Last Of Us mixed with the movie World War Z, meaning that you’re fucked as the player. The trailer itself was really nothing more than a stunt for the devs to say ” oh look we have good graphics and good physics, and we can have a shit ton of AI on screen.” 

While my black ass was watching the gameplay I couldn’t help but say ” Why the hell is fighting them zombies? Run nigga run!” because tge player had the balls ( and lack of a brain) to run from a horde of a least a thousand zombies, but as I said it was so they could basically show off the game. One thing I want to throw in is that this game looks gorgeous and the physics are well done. 

Just a little rant 

But why the hell is thet so damn fast I mean come on nigga already had to fight like 1000 and since when could zombies scale buildings out this bitch they better not pull no dying light BS and have specialized zombies that only come out at night.

Now that I got a bit of venting done there were a couple of things that I noticed

You’ll have to find gas for vehicles: At the beginning where he gets on the dirt bike you can see a little gas pump with green neat the bottom divesting that the bike it’s just about out of fuel anothsr hint to this it’s that he let off the accelerator quite a bit even though he wasn’t turning.

  • There is a crafting system and you’ll have to gather materials to make different items
  • The wildlife are some bitches: I mean come on two wolves ran from him.
  • You’re able to use make shift equipment: Earlier in the trailer he put some kind of blue object on his pistol which seemed strange until you realized that it was used as a silencer

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