This episode marks the end of one of the best spring 2016 anime and it definitely was a fulfilling ending, showing where the E class have gone in the 7 years that have passed. If you’ve been watching the show since day one like me you’ll love to see that the characters have progressed and matured.

There are a couple of notible things should be pointed out. First off Karasuma finally got some of that pu**y from his wife Irina aka Bitch Sensei ( and ya boy may be a bit jealous). The artist did one hell of a job aging the characters 7 years. Another interesting point is that they seemed to have an ISIS reference in the episode which was a bit unnecessary but oh well, also Kayano has continued her acting and may possibly be pregnant but that’s just me speculating.

Nagisa has also gone on to be a teacher at a school that down right seems dangerous. There may be a season three in the works but I’ll cover that at a later date as it most likely won’t happen. Outside of the things I mentioned nothing big happened, after all it’s not a major episode but overall it was pretty damn decent and is worth a look if you want to know what happened to the characters after they graduated.