The Bleach Manga Is Set To End In 10 Weeks

If you’re a 90’s kid like me then you most likely watched Adult Swim and if you’re an anime fan that watched Adult Swim the that’s probably where you got exposed to Bleach.  If you don’t know what Bleach is then you should be ashamed and go look it up and watch it. After the 74th volume the only show from the big three left will be One Piece, much like Chris Bosh is the only player still on the Heat after the Big 3 Era. The announcement was made by Shonen Jump editor Hisashi Sasaki meaning that my childhood shows are all gone. 

The only show that seems as if it won’t end is One Piece, because let’s face it that show probably won’t end until 15 years from now. The only big problem left it’s that now there’s going to be a big whole to fill as far as manga go, but hopefully they make a spinoff.

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One thought on “The Bleach Manga Is Set To End In 10 Weeks

  1. Yep I heard about it. Bleach will end this August and the manga will be released in Japan in the fall. I really like it. I felt like there was some things that needed to be explained.


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