In rap culture any artist that aren’t  black are often seen as unorigional, boring, whack, or wanting to copy our culture. The one group that I think gets overlooked the most are asian rappers so I compiled a list of the best asian rappers I know of.

10) Keith Ape: Best known for his song “It G Ma” Ape is a very charismatic artist similar to OG Maco, the down side is that he speaks very little English.
9) Okasian: A very chilled artist he doesn’t go in hard buthis songs are nice to just kick back and relax to.
8)Rich Chigga: He’s only up here because of his song Dat $tick. He had bars and he had that lil bibby shit going on where his voice don’t match his body.
7) Lil Crazed: This boy goes hard if you wanna see tgen check out his song Good Kush and Alcohol .
6)JREYEZ: Bruh this dude’s remixes are fire plus he’s got a smooth ass flow.
5) KOHH: He doesn’t have too much English in his music but he has a pretty agressive style and his beats are fire.
4) Honey Cocaine: Don’t ask me how she got that name but Tyga cosigned her and she has bars for days, I mean come on she absoultely murdered her “Love Sosa Remix” she did better than Chief Keef in my opinion.
3) That VG: Probably the most gangsta nigga on this list he’s been rapping for a while and let me say that he ain’t lose his touch

2) Mike Shinoda: The rapper for Linkin Park this man’s track record does most of the talking, also if you know your shit then you know he was a part of Fort Minor and his bars in “Remember The Name” were pure gold.
1) Dumbfoundead: The best by a mile he is an amazing freestylist and an overall artist.
Honorable Mentions:
D-Pryde: For all the high pitch voice weeaboo niggas out there this is ya boy. I don’t know if he’s the most G nerd rapper or the most nerd, rapper but either way he’s dope.
Awkwafina: She’s the female version of Lil Dicky even though she isn’t as good of a parody rapper as he is.
Traphik: Also known as the youtuber Timothy Delaghetto, Traphik spits smooth bars and the only reason he isn’t in the top 10 it’s because he doesn’t make fill music videos.