School-Live is an Anime aired in 2014 that isn’t what it appears to be since it looks like a comedy/Slice of life show but it is actually a zombie show and this is revealed during the first episode which caught me by surprise. I initially would’ve overlooked this show due to its childish look. But here is my breakdown of it

Art: As I said before this show has a rather childish look making the characters appear younger than they are (they are high school students). That style of art is just a little unsettling to me.

Story: This show does a good job with the story and character development by going in to their back story some, which I found to be interesting. The show feels more like a slice of life show due to how the main character perceives things around her.

Music: For the most part the music is good all except for the opening (which pisses me off) because it seems as if it doesn’t fit with the genre (like the whole show).

Characters: The characters are well rounded and have actual backstories that are as I stated earlier interesting.

Yuki Takeya: 

She is the main character, Yuki is extremely cheerful and at times childish throughout most of the show you see things through her POV which is a sharp contrast to reality.

Kurumi Ebisuzawa: 

She is often sent to do the dirty work of dealing with the zombies and keeping g the group safe. Having a mature attitude she is rather level headed and is remarkebly calm in difficult or dangerous situations

Yuuri Wasaka: 

The motherly figure of the group she is the one often responsible for the cooking etc… she is the tallest and most well endowed member of the group and is very calm and collective

Megumi Sakura: 

The oldest member and also their teacher, she has a rather calm demeanor

Miki Naoki: 

The newest member of the group she is rather tomboyish

Verdict: I would recommend watching this show as it does have a great story and great moments, the show is truly underrated and deserves to have some respek put on it’s name

Pros: Story, character development

Cons: Seems childish at times, some 3D models in the background, the cast are mostly loli’s