“We  Happy Few” drops next week

An overlooked hand at E3 this year was “We Few Happy” a game where the player becomes a man in a fucked up drug fueled dystopian environment. I don’t see why this game didn’t have more hype around it, as it was unique and refreshing. According to Engadget the game is set to drop next week. The IP’s Dev  Compulsion Games stated that they were looking for a way to create a bigger game it’s first which was titled “Contrast” but at the same time didn’t want it’s staff to be too big, meaning that they took the No Man’s Buy…… I mean Sky route. 

There hadn’t been much said about the gameplay or at least I couldn’t find any, but my speculation is that it’ll play similar to Thief meaning that you’ll wanna avoid combat. If you’re looking to cop the game then you’ll have to download it on Xbox Games Preview on the 26th. If you have any thoughts on the game then you can leave a comment our hit ya boy up on twitter @BlizzyBlvckStar and as always follow the sites twitter @TheAnikatsuki.


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