Artist Spotlight- Flowsik

The Hip Hop revolution in Asia has started and it’s producing sone great artist. No I’m not talking about fuckboys like G-Dragon (yeah K-Pop fans he’s a fuckboy). I’m talking about actual rappers like Keith Ape, Okasian, and KOHH. Not pop idols putting on a front claiming that their rappers (G-Dragon).

My subject today is probably the best rapper in Korea, no scrap that shit, the best in all of Asia. That artist is Flowsik. Flowsik has a deep voice made for rapping, very similar to Lil Bibby and maybe a bit of G Herbo. The first time I heard him was on the “Eung Freestyle” and I swear that I thought Bibby was on the track.

Flowsik is an artist that is heavily overlooked in the Korean market, a perfect example is when he competed in Show Me The Money 5, he got eliminated during the later rounds due to the artist he was matched against being more popular, but if you ask anyone with common sense they would say that he’s better than any artist that competed. If he were in the american market more he definitely would blow up big time (especially in NY since that’s his home town) due to his smooth flow and fire lyrics. The biggest negative is that he’s 31 so if he gets big then he won’t have alot of time as a rapper unless he pulls an eminen on us.

There’s a couple of mainstream and underground artist that I’d like to see him work with namely  VI Seconds, Lil Bibby, Eminem, Denzel Curry, G Herbo, and Future. I encourage you to go listen to this man’s music both his english and Korean songs trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


4 thoughts on “ Artist Spotlight- Flowsik

  1. G-Dragon is definitely a fuck boy. And though he started out as a rapper, he’s not competing with hyenas. Too keep it real, I use to fuck with BigBang heavy. No shame in my game. LOL

    Flowsik is definitely a forced to be reckon with. He was signed to Cash Money a few years back which was pretty dope. I saw him perform live like two or three years ago And definitely made me feel like a believer. Talented guy.

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    1. Flowsik is definitely a great rapper and he really seems to have a better understanding of hip hop compared to a lot of Korean and Japanese rappers. As far as G-Dragon goes I never really saw him as a rapper mainly because he doesn’t carry himself like one, he acts more like a pop idol.

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    2. Lol that’s because he is pop idol. He comes from a label who manufacturers “Hip Hoppers” so your not wrong. He’s not really much of singer either.

      If you like Flowsik, I think you might like Snacky Chan. He’s made some waves on the American scene before going to korea. There a song called one of them days featuring another korean American rapper. One of my favorites

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