The LA Rams released QB Nick Foles after just one season (albeit a dismal season). There are questions about whether he can duplicate his cinderella season with the Eagles where he only three 2 picks. There are few teams that aren’t too sure about their QB situation. But luckily there’s a few teams that could sign him.

San Francisco 49ers

The numbers are in a bit of a QB debacle, well more like they’re fucked. If Kapernick can’t recreate his play in 2012 then he’ll be on the sideline behind the shitty Blaine Gabbert and with that seeming like it’ll be the case Foles seems like a pretty good choice

Pittsburgh Steelers

My team seems to be screwed when it comes to back up QB’s especially with Landry Jones looking as if he’ll be the backup to Big Ben. Foles would provide a halfway decent backup QB. 

New England Patriots 

Face it Patriots fans Brady won’t be playing much longer abe you don’t know if Grapollo can actually do anything, Foles provides you a decent QB who had playoff experience.

Denver Broncos

Okay, your team just came off a superbowl season, your QB retired and now your only proven QB is Mark Sanchez a man who only got to the AFC championship game because of a Rex Ryan defense. You have a rookie who could be a bust (and Trevor what’s his name).  Signing another veteran QB only makes sense.

Arizona Cardinals

Not too many people address the fact Carson Palmer is getting older and the Cards don’t have a real replacement  for him other than Drew Stanton ( who is a pretty damn good player) if they don’t draft a QB soon then Stanton won’t have much competition.

Dallas Cowboys 

Dem Boyz had a dismal and somewhat comedic season last year with their QB situation, I mean come on I knew Weeden was ass but damn Cassel what the hell happened he was out their looking like Peyton Manning did this year. Then let’s not forget how Romo got hurt during the first game he was cleared to play after his injury. If there’s anything that Jerry Jones should’ve learned it’s that they need new QB’s. Foles had the resume that warrants him being Romo’s back up.

Foles deserves a shot at landing on another NFL roster, hopefully he can earn his spot somewhere because if he gets with a decent team then he’ll be able to shred up defenses. If you want to stay up to date with our articles whether they be Sports, Music, Gaming, and anything else hell related then follow our Twitter @TheAnikatsuki or like our Facebook Page.