Lost Souls Aside May Be The Final Fantasy Killer?!?!

Final Fantasy XV had easily been the most talked about Action RPG over the past 2 years with little to no other RPG’s getting as much hype. That is until now. Seemingly out off nowhere a new game called “Lost Souls Aside” has been making headlines within the gaming community. The similarities between it and Final Fantasy are obvious although it takes elements from hack and slash games such as Bayonetta, Dynasty Warriors, and Devil May Cry.

The game is still a prototype according to the dev, the game is absolutely stunning and it’s ruining off the Unreal Engine 4. I was suprised too find a trailer on YouTube radically since this is a little known game.

This have definetly has potential to compete with Final Fantasy XV, the only real problem is whether it can live up to the hype or not.


5 thoughts on “Lost Souls Aside May Be The Final Fantasy Killer?!?!

  1. If this game is like Final Fantasy and Bayonetta, I would buy it. This game looks beautiful. I haven’t played Devil May Cry but if the gameplay is like this, I wouldn’t mind. I hope this game gets released and sold.

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