Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale Release Date and Scenes And Speculation 

So SAO Ordinal scale is the next step for the SAO franchise. There’s been some information revealed such as the cast and returning characters, but since I’ve already covered that I figured that I’d go snooping around for some more information. Luckily I found some, but it was in an unlikely place. The place where I got the information was an all SAO twitter page and  there was some interesting things regarding the new movie.

1) Possible Release Date

This poster states that the movie will release in spring of 2017 which seems legit but both seasons of SAO were released during the summer. This poster also gives us some information of who will be in the movie. Aside from the already confirmed characters it looks like the bae Suguha and the homie Agil well also be having screen time. It’s a bit odd that Agil is on the poster since he got very little screen time during tge first season and was nowhere to be found during the second season. Another interesting fact is that Klein and Lisbeth are also shown (Klein was already confirmed to make an appertains in the movie) these are two characters who didn’t really get much screen time until the Caliber Arc during the second season, but did have a pretty strong presence in the games.

There’s one more interesting thing to take away from this poster. The man at the top right looks a little bit like Akahiko Kayaba, if you finished the Mother’s Rosario Arc then you should remember that Kirito said something about Kayaba creating the Medicuboid that Yuuki used so he may have some thong to do with the AR device in the movie. 

2) Leaked Ticket

So I also found this japanese version of the movie ticket pretty much confirming the price (1,500 yen) to view the movie in Japan. This ticket could be fake but it seems legit enough.

4) Screenshots

Okay so we finally get a look at what the movie will possibly look like. The first thing I noticed in the first picture is that the color seems to be more cinematic and dark. If you didn’t notice the earpiece they have in those are supposedly the augmented reality device that they’ll use to play the ARMMO (I can’t imagine how ridiculous they must look to most people When they’re doing their shit in game). 

Another thing that stands out it the white grid looking thing behind Kirito and Asuna. I’m not sure whether it’s supposed to be a building materializing or what. Unfortunately that’s all I’m able to really pick up from these pictures but if you got any thoughts then just drop a comment our hit me up on twitter @BlizzyBlvckStar


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8 thoughts on “Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale Release Date and Scenes And Speculation 

  1. I love Sword Art Online. I can’t wait until the movie comes out. I did noticed that about Kayaba. He is on the poster. I thought he would be gone after the events of the anime. I am curious about this technology.

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