Black Lagoon is one of my favorite anime even beating out childhood classics like DBZ, Yugioh, and Avatar. The action is glorious and the voice acting is solid, the show has very few flaws but there is one major flaw that everyone seems to overlook. That flaw is that Black Lagoon really shouldn’t have a japanese dub. I know what you’re thinking “how can an anime not have a Japanese dub” or “what madness are you speaking of”, and to that I say “does it really make sense for characters who have no connection to japan to speak japanese?”

 Many of the characters have little to no education 

With the exceptions of Benny and Rock just about no one else in the show has a college level education, and coupled with the fact most of the characters haven’t even been to a Japanese speaking country not even once ( with the exception of Rock).

The Language Barrier

Now tell me how the fuck a russian, a chinese girls, an uneducated woman (Revy), and a bunch of criminals magically know Japanese. I mean come on it sounds like a bad bar joke. The only way everyone really could communicate is by speaking English. Hell when Balalaika went to Japan she specifically brought Rock as a Translator, but she’s spoken in Japanese before.

Lack of Education 

This is something that majority of the characters don’t have (anytype of education sbove fucking middle school). Given that a lot of the characters grew up poorer than niggas in South Chicago I imagine that it would be difficult for them to read let alone comprehend a foreign language. (Mabey they’d learn it if they watched anime)

The Time  

Black Lagoon takes place during the 70-80’s so the only way for them to really learn another language would’ve been to read a book that teaches it because there wasn’t YouTube or Rosetta Stone. There also don’t seem to be any libraries in roanaper (I know I butchered the spelling) and even if there were I bet that they’re involved in weapons or drug trafficking. There also wasn’t a need for them to speak it since the common language seemed to be violence.

Overall the Japanese dub wasn’t bad it was actually good, but the real reason it exist is just for the Japanese people ecen though all signs point out that none of the characters (excluding Rock) can’t speak Japanese. I hope you enjoyed me fucking around trying to sound intelligent (more like an off brand MattPat), if so then follow the site and follow us on Twitter @TheAnikatsuki. If you have any questions, wanna talk, or want recommendations for anime/manga or rap songs then hit me up on Twitter @BlizzyBlvckStar.