Probably the most electrifying young wideouts in the leauge OBJ can terrorize defenses with his precise route running and godly hands. In 2016 he and the New York Giants AFC opponents will be the AFC North which is arguably the most physical division in all of football. So I’ll get to the point I’ll be giving my predictions of how Odell it’s going to do against the AFC North Defenses.

Cleveland Browns

Ah the Browns the whist team in the North we all already know OBJ will have a monster game unless Joe Haden suddenly becomes Deion Sanders. The Giants should take a W in this game seeing as Cleveland lost Tashun Gipson and a slew of other players. But on the outset hand the Giants Defense isn’t that much better 


NYG 35 Cle 21


12 rec 129yds 3td

Baltimore Ravens 

I hate the Ravens with a hate so powerful that I’m the hate version of Pain from Naruto when it comes to the Ravens, so their night be a little bias. Nonetheless it’s a fact that the Ratbirds… I mean Ravens have a below aver…a trash secondary with the only standouts being Jimmy Smith and an aged veteran in Eric Weddle who could drop off like Peyton Manning at any point in the season. Just because I hate the Ravens I’ll give them an L.


NYG 27 Bal 24

Obj: 9rec 108yds 1td

Manning 21-35 273yds 2TD

Pittsburgh Steelers

Oh blew it’s time time to talk about my teams less than mediocre secondary. I would assume Beckham and Manning would have one hell of a game but it’s hard to say who’ll be covering Beckham. It could be Cockrell, Gay, Burns, or Grant. All I can say is that Eli will throw for 300+ yards and at least 3tds, Beckham should at least have 100+ receiving yards hell he may even get 200 the game will be close but the main thing that will cause their denise in this match up will be their lack of talented recievers that aren’t named Odell Beckham jr ( and yes I know the still have Victor Cruz but really you think he’ll last more than 2 games). 


Pit 45 NYG 37

OBJ 12 rec 140yds 2td

Manning 29-45 321yds 3TD

A.Brown 10rec 134yds 2TD

Roethlisberger 35-46 438yds 5TD

Cincinnati Bengals (Bungals)

The Bengals are the only them in the AFC North with a good dedensive backfield, even thiugh they lost Reggie Nelson to Oakland they still have a top teir defense (I hated to have too admit it). I know for a fact that the giants don’t have too many talented or even decent receivers especially after losing Reuben Randel to the Eagles  . I have no doubt that Pacman Jones, Dre Kirkpatrick and the rest of the defense can hold the Giants offense.


NYG 20 Cin 31

OBJ 7rec 97yds 1td

So as you can see there I have the Giants Taking a 2-2 record against the AFC North. Their lack of defensive stars and offensive firepower will really keep them from winning some really important games down the stretch luckily they have a pretty easy division so long as the Cowboys resemble their 2015 team and not their 2014 team.

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