Spotify Adds Gaming Genre

So Spotify recently added a gaming genre and if you’re like me then you enjoy listening to gaming soundtracks. Many gamers listen to a variety of music genres when gaming, the most common being Dubstep and Rock. I myself don’t care for rock music but I’ll listen to some when I’m gaming, now I’ve never really had a specific playlist for gaming, I tend to just skip through a 57+ hour playlist that consist of Rap, R&B, and some Dubstep.

But that’s enough of me talking about my music preferences, the fact that spotify took the time to create playlist with gaming OST’s shows that the gaming industry is getting some respek put on it’s name.


My Gaming Playlist ( always adding new songs)
My Gaming OST List (work in progress)
Gaming Anthem Playlist
Spotify’s Power Gaming Playlist
Spotify’s Rock Playlist
Spotify Hip Hop Gaming Playlist
Retro Gaming
I encourage you to listen to these playlist and the others that they have avalible. 


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Personal @BlizzyBlvckStar


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