Darker Than Black was a show that was released in 2008 and is very much mediocore the show managed to get a second season (which isn’t much.of a surprise considering ’08 was a pretty weak year). Studio Bones produced the show and it got liscened by Funimation the original run was from ’07-’09.


Season 1 

 Ten years ago, “Hell’s Gate” appeared around Tokyo. This mysterious field caused the stars in the sky to disappear and extraordinary powers to awaken within humans. These humans, called Contractors, use their powers for their own ends but only at the cost of a personal remuneration. In this world of the supernatural, Hei, a Contractor himself, Yin, a blind “Doll”, and Huang, a no-nonsense enforcer, work for a mysterious syndicate bent on unlocking the secrets of Hell’s Gate and eliminating any other Contractors that get in their way.

Season 2

After the Syndicate failed to destroy all Contractors, it is continuing its struggle to gain dominance in the dark crevices of the underworld. In order to expand its power, the organization has sent their best Contractors to acquire a powerful Contractor Shion Pavlichenko. Just as the Syndicate’s agents attempt to acquire Shion, several fierce battles takes place. Surrounded by the corpses of slain Contractors, a much worn down Hei acquires who he believes to be Shion but he soon realizes that all he has found is Shion’s twin sister, Suou.

Animation 7.5/10

The animation is a bit dated but it still does a solid job of looking good and looking decent during action scenes. Overall it looks pretty damn good although it could be a bit smoother at certain times. 

Music 6/10 

Outside of the openings and endings the music isn’t anything special. The only good ending was the ending for the Second season which was performed by abbingdon School boys

Voice Acting 8/10

In both the English and Japanese dubs the VA was pretty damn good with Mao and November 11th having the best VA’s in season one and Hei having the best VA in season two. (Due to a lack of non-sterotypical voices) I will say that the VA that played Hei sounded a bit flat. 

Characters 4/10

The characters in Darker Than Black are pretty flat although they had some interesting backgrounds, especially Suou in season two. Had they jumped on these back stories the show would’ve been at least two times better.

What I Liked

The fights in this anime were almost reminiscent of X-men sure too the contractors having varying abilities and varying skill sets. Even though the animation it’s dated it still looks good and fits the show.

What I Hated

(Yes this is done differently from what I liked, this is because I’m debating on which format I prefer)

  • The show never goes much into the characters back stories much only giving a brief overview
  • The lack of good music 
  • The lack of personality that plauged most of the characters 

Rating 6.5/10

Overall the show was pretty decent but there will be some questions left unanswered when you finish the show. I recommend watching the OVAs before you watch the second season because it will clear up some questions about Yin. If you like action supernatural anime then this anime is a go just be wary that the story is a little weak