An artist who is definetly better than most of the XXL freshman class, but is completely overlooked and underrated, today we’re taking a look at Robb Bank$.

Bank$ is a unique artist with his style. Bank$ raps more aggressively than most rappers which makes songs like Extravagant awkward to listen to especially since it’s the same beat that Denzel Curry used in Ultimate. His lyrics at times are a bit out of place and sometimes require a second look. At times his lyrics make Future’s infamous verse in Stick Talk seem normal. Often times he’ll make a reference to an anime in his song which is a plus in my book.

Robb Bank$ doesn’t seem like the type to collab much, his most notable collabs are with Yung Simmie and Denzel Curry. Bank$ would most likely do well if he collabed with MGK, Eminem, or Rick Ross due to their more aggressive style. For all of his flaws Bank$ still has plenty of upsides

  • He has a unique flow of his own
  • He’s pretty genius with his lyrics when you take a second look.
  • He’s a charismatic performer 

Overall Robb Bank$ is an underrated artist who has a god amount of flaws but his upsides will often trump the flaws. Bank$ is a young artist who’ll grow better over the course of time as he find ways to improve his music.