As a Steelers fan the sight of Landry Jones on the field (playing for us) disgust me. Jones is going into his 4th season and what I believe if the final year of his rookie contract, last year he started 2 games and played in 7 due to Big Ben and Vick both being injured. Landry did manage to put up some reasonable numbers against the Cardinals & Chiefs. Although after that he looked like complete trash. His most recent outing was against the Eagles a game in which he threw 4 picks and we were shut out 17-0. 

After that bad preformance the Steelers signed former Bronco/Raven Bryn Renner. The signing could mean that they’re preparing to cut Jones, which would actually be a good move since it’s likely that we can’t trade him for anything. Renner and Vaughn will most likely compete for the 3rd QB spot with Gradkowski injured. Ultimately Jones most likely won’t be wearing the Black and Gold after this season sure to his put performance over the past 4 years with the team and not improving much since being drafted back in ’12. 

There is one more thing that needs to be adressed and that’s the fact that Jones knows the playbook and how the offense runs but he plays like it’s his first time being in our offense. Now a Jones Sympathizer might say that he’s with 3rd string wideouts which it’s true but even when he was with the first team he still made mistakes that most QB’s make for example against the Chiefs he threw a pick to a linebacker due to him throwing it directly above him. That’s a mistake that even Johnny Manziel wouldn’t even make. The best thing for the steelers to do is bench Jones for the next two games and just let Bryn Renner prove his worth and possibly take Jones’s spot.
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