If you watched any steelers games over the past 2 years then you would’ve noticed that our secondary got burned a lot. The weak link in our secondary over the last 2 years was a man named Antwon Blake, he was without a doubt one of the worst corners in the league. He stands at 5’9 which is pretty short for a guy who isn’t a slot corner, his small size created some unfavorable matchups on the outside leading to a lot of completed passes. Despite that Blake did have some up sides, mainly his tackling which was pretty damn good (especially compared to the other DB’s). 

Last year Blake had 3 picks one of which was a pick-6 against the Chargers. He shows decent skills when he picks off the ball, usually taking it back for a good gain. His coverage skills need some work which is pretty evident by the number of completions against him. 

Overall Blake it’s a decent CB who should really be covering the slot WR. He best fits as a special teams player or a sub package player, there’s no reason for him to be a starter. If he works on his coverage skills he’ll make a decent defensive back but until then he’ll most likely remain a special teamer or depth player.


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