On light of the Teddy Bridgewater injury the Vikings are now left without a decent QB so they’ll have to sign a QB or trade for one. Luckily there are quote a few options out there for them to choose from.

5) Zach Mettenberger- FA

The former Titans QB had a good skillset that should allow him tho have side success in Minnesota should he be signed. Mettenberger should also be somewhat cheap to sign.

4) Chad Henne- Jags Backup QB

The Jags backup QB he has experience and the skills and leadership to get the Vikings to at least a .500 record. They could trade a 5th round pick or some depth players to aquire him

4) Matt Cassel- FA

The former Viking Cassel should be familiar with the staff and players giving him some chemistry which would help him some.

3) Josh McCown Browns Backup QB

One of the best QBs in the league last season until he got injured, which is quite an accomplishment considering that he played for the Browns. McCown would only be a short term solution given that he’s 36 and may only have 2-4 years left in his career.

2) Colin Kaepernick- 49ers QB

Chances are that Colin won’t be the 49ers starting QB this season so he could be on the chopping block. A big plus is that he’s a mobile QB which fits in their system. The trade would also work for Kaepernick because it would allow him to stay over with a new team.

1) AJ McCarron- Bengals Backup QB

Most likely the best QB they can draft they would have to trade for him, possibly a 1st round pick along with some players. If the Bengals demand that it would still be worth it since McCarron had proved that he can play and chances are that Bridgewater’s career is over at this point so they’ll need a QB badly.