The Broncos quarterback situation looks pretty bad with their former third string QB being named the starter this year. Personally I thought Sanchez would be the starter for the first 6-7 weeks then Paxton Lynch would take over, but no Siemean looks to be the starter this year and it seems like they’re hoping for a Kirk Cousins-ish performance from him. 

Since I know little about Siemean other than the fact that he played in college at Northwestern and previously wore #3 I thought that I’d give a little prediction for the season opener

Den 14 Car 24

Siemean 122 yds 1td 3int

CJ Anderson 17 carries 106yds


Newton 234yds 2td 2int

J. Stewart 

18 carries 98 yds

I’ll give the win to Cariolina in this game they’ll struggle against the Broncos defense even though Malik Jackson and Danny Trevathan signed with other teams the Broncos still have a plethora of  notable players on defense especially on their D-line and in their secondary (i.e Wolfe, Ray, Miller, Ward). The Broncos offense will definitely struggle due to the fact that Siemean has never played a meaningful down in the leauge. In reality this game could go either way but it’s more likely that Denver is going to take a L and prepare for week 2, their best shot at the playoffs (at the QB position) may just be Mark Sanchez (I can’t believe I said that) since he’s the only one with any playoff experience well shit he’s the only QB on the team who’s done anything in the NFL. 


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