So Apple has unveiled the IPhone 7 and I must say it looks better it looks better than I thought it would. Apple also added 2 new colors ( well more like a new one and brought back another color) those colors are black and jet black, and I must say the Jet Black IPhone 7 looks sexy. However there exists a few major problems, mainly the whole earphones debacle. Personally I like the fact that they’re going wireless, but the price tag of $159 is a bit much.

It seems as though the 7 will be faster but we’ll have to wait until it dropped to see how much faster. Apple has definetly put an emphasis on the camera this year especially  On the 7 plus’s dual lense camera.

The 7 is also waterproof which is definitely welcome ( don’t go throwing it a pool). Now back to the camera, apple now has software that allows for a more enhanced zoom which is god for people that like taking pictures. The front facing camera it’s now 7 megapixels meaning that all you selfie lovers can rejoice. Another thing worth noting is that there’s going to be dual speakers for the first time. This yet there is no actual “home button” but rather there is a solid state button which is pressure sensitive rather than an actual button….which is a bit odd.

This years models are said to provide “much better battery life” 2hrs on the 7 (compared to IPhone 6s) and 1hr on the 7 plus (compared to the 6s plus). The screen is also going to be 25% brighter. Something else thats pretty interesting is the fact that you’ll be able to answer calls from third party apps like whatsapp as if they were regular calls. Also the pricing starts at around $650 for the 32GB Iphone 7 and $750 for the 32GB IPhone 7 plus but if you dish out an extra $100 you can cop the 128GB versions of each phone.

Overall the IPhone 7 seems like it’s a go and is worth the buy but you’ll want to have a pair of wireless headphones which you can get for around $30. There’s a few features I didn’t mention like the Quad flash but they weren’t really worth talking about. If you’re interested in pre ordering one pre orders start September 9th and the official release is on September 16th.


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