Utada Hikaru is arguably one of the most overlooked R&B singers of the early 2000’s, most likely because she was Japanese. As a person who listens to a lot of Japanese music I can say that she’s on a whole different level compared to most female Japanese singers due to her voice. Utada has a pretty decent amount of power in her voice, which is so beautiful. Utada has a pretty large fanbase worldwide mostly due to the fact that she made one of the most Iconic  video game themes (Simple and Clean from Kingdom Hearts) ever but that’s another story

Released in 2009 Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence was written by Utada Hikaru. The original version was made by Japanese composer named Ryuichi Sakamoto. Utada’s versionbis simply just one of many covers of the song. Thus song was on her album This Is The One which was her second album released in English.

This song is definetly worth putting on a playlist and just relaxing to as Utada’s voice calms you.


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