Crunchy roll and funimation’s new partnership!!!

Yo! It’s Nuoxis here and I’m so excited over the deal between my two most favorite anime streaming companies!! So first off lemme tell you how I feel, I’ve always hated how funimation hid all their shows such as dmw(dead man wonderland), cowboy bebop, overlord and others away from their fans with premium membership gates, this happened to be one of the reasons I fell back onto crunchy roll and their 30 day trial.(also crunchyroll allowed you to watch way~ more shows,with ads of course.) After the trial I bought a membership for C. R.  ever since.,but now with this new partnership,you can get the mainstream shows of funimation and the lesser knows of C. R!!!,but that’s not even all of it. With this,you can get both of the companies merchandise for less and also take advantage of their new app that will get you even closer to the makers of some of the best anime out there. Now that’s enough fan-boying from me for one day so I’ll hit you guys up later when I find something new to talk about. ☜☆☞


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