So Apple just dropped the Solo 3’s which look identical to the Solo 2’s. The main difference is on the technical side. The Solo 3’s are marketed to have a whopping 40 hours of battery and they also have a feature called Fast Fuel which allows you to get 3 hours of battery out of 5 minutes worth of charging, which is pretty cool. The headphones also have Apple’s new W1 chip meaning that they’ll easily pair with all your apple devices.

As good as the marketing is for the Solo’s that $299 price tag is going to be a big no no for many people. Even though beats are “Premium Headphones” and have that premium price there’s no way in hell that they can compete with companies like Audio Technica and Sessinheiser as far as sound quality goes. Another thing about Beats is the fact that their bass is a bit overpowering so they’re best for rap or any music that’s bass heavy. 
Overall they seem like a pretty good by you’ve got $300+ to blow. The 40 hour battery and fast fuel  are pretty convincing reasons but not enough for me to go out and get a pair.