Well never thought that I’d decide to do a review of Samurai Flamenco, with that being said this’d it’s most likely going to be the realist review I’ve done. I guess I’m obligated to give a spoiler warning with the way I’m gonna review this, also if you’re sensitive about cursing then turn back now.

[Spoiler Alerts: Shits about to get real]

Story: Ah yes the story of the anime the reason why we watc..eh why most of us watch anime. Let’s just be real Samurai Flamenco’s plot was an utter shit storm. The show at first reminded me of the movie Kickass then it turned into a sort of super sentai like Power Rangers or Kamen Rider, hell they even threw in some bootleg zords and a offbrand megazord. The best description of the story would be Power Rangers on bath salts mixed with cocaine and codeine.

Who gave the megazord Viagra’s

Characters/Character Development: Sadly there’s only two characters that are really worth actually talking ( Goto-san and the main character) about since the rest are about as irrelevant as Sakura was in the original Naruto and we all know she was useless as a fucking stone. 

Music: Samurai Flamenco had decent music and the only standouts were the openings which weren’t exactly memorable. The soundtrack at ruined didn’t seem very well or at least didn’t match the scenes that they were in at times.

Animation: Samurai Flamenco isn’t the most flashy anime when it comes to visuals, however it doesn’t look bad. The animation is a bit choppy but still bearable. 

Voice Acting: Surprisingly the voice acting was pretty damn solid.  There was only one voice that I didn’t really like and that was the main character I just found his voice to be annoying, not as annoying as the guy from Eureka 7, his voice was annoying as shit.

Thoughts: Overall Samurai Flamenco wasn’t the best anime nor a good one more so it was an ok anime. The story was just all over the place and wasn’t really consistent, the feel of the show changed too many times and at times many of the characters seemed pretty irrelevant after the first two arcs.  There was only one real good plot twist that involved Goto-san, I’m not gonna spoil it because it’s that good. There were moments in the show that were clear refences to other shows, the most notable being the flamengers (aka bootleg Power Rangers), I almost forgot about the pop stars that became what I call the “Magical Ball Buster Squad” like what the hell they literally stomp the mess outta criminals crotches man.

Magical Ball Buster Squad doesn’t seem so tough huh

One of the most awkward moments in the show was when the nigga Masayoshi stripped in front of Goto and fucking proposed to him. At that moment my black ass almost went full on Samuel L. Jackson. Speaking of awkward things in this show why the hell does Masayoshi’s armor look like it’s sponsored by Staples, like for real nigga used a fucking retractable ruler as a weapon. Notably the show didn’t have much blood out side of a few scenes espically the scene where Guillotine Gorilla beheaded a cop. 

Final Verdict: Overall Samurai Flamenco is worth a watch since it’s pretty unique the over all rating that I would give it is a 6/10, the story drags it down so much but at the same time it’s interesting  and I kind of want to see more shows like it. The show is 26 episodes so it’s relatively short and is worth it but I’d only recommend watching it one time.

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