Dead Or Alive Is In Hot Water….Again

So people are up in arms over Dead or Alive which isn’t all too surprising considering this is 2016 and 80% of the population gets offended by irrelevant shit. This time however people are throwing a fit over the fact that the New DLC (which is free) for DOA: Xtreme 3 allowed you to rip the clothes off the characters. Honesty I’m suprised that people are so shocked that this is even in the game, hell I’m pretty sure it was already in there.

Anyways the DLC is anime inspired just the last few that dropped this time they’re inspired by the anime Keijo which is pretty heavy when it comes to fan service from what I heard. Hopefully the DLC does decent and  learn to stop crying about DOA being so fan service heavy and realize that Japan and just about every western country view sexuality and sexualization differently. If you have any thoughts on the DLC or DOA in general feel free to leave a comment our hit me up on Twitter @BlizzyBlvckStar.


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