So Steelers wide receiver Markus Wheaton is in the final year of his rookie contact and he had off of a pretty good 2015 campgain most notably his 200+ yard game against the Seahawks. A question many may ask is why would the Steelers let Wheaton leave in free agency, there are a few reasons why but it’ll most likely be because of the amount he can get from another team coupled with the fact that he can be replaced with Eli Rodgers. Wheaton has shown that he could be a capable #1 or even a capable #2, which leads to a small problem…for Pittsburgh and that’s the fact that he can demand a pretty sizable contract which won’t work for them since they have to re-sign Bell and Brown. 

Luckily for Wheaton or rather some Teams he has enough talent and skill to get with another team. So without any further delay here’s 5 possible landing spots for Steelers WR Markus Wheaton. 

4) San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are a team that seemingly lack many offensive weapons, or possibly it’s their quarter back Blaine Gabbert. Out side of Torry Smith San Francisco doesn’t have any real legitimate receiving threats. If they can get a good QB i.e. Colin Kapernick ( who’s already on their roster) then they’d really be able to burn Defenses with Smith and Wheaton.

3)Kansas City Chiefs 

The Chief’s have a great offense but other than Jeremy Maclin thry don’t have any real threats. Chris Conely is a fine WR but he isn’t good enough to be their #1 should Maclin go down. Wheaton could provide a reliable target for Alex Smith and be their #1 should Maclin get injured.

2) Minnesota Vikings

Now the Vikings have a great offense that includes TE Kyle Rudolph, WR Stephon Diggs, and RB Adrian Peterson. Somehow they’re undefeated with Sam Bradford at the helm, but they still lack some weapons in their receiving corp. Wheaton is more than capable of being their #2 or even taking Diggs spot as the #1. 

1)Tenessee Titans 

The Titans are a tricky  team one game they look good and the next they look like the worst team in the league. The problem mostly stems from their weak offense although their defense isn’t too good either. Wheaton would be able to give Mariota another reliable target that can catch and run and then double as a possession receiver.