So it’s been a long while since I did one of these and I thought that a 2 in 1 report would be sufficient for not doing one in a while. So today I’ll be looking at two talented rappers that I stumbled upon while I was on Twitter. 

Blythe Lewis

The brother of the second artist I’m going to review. His voice is deep and reminds me of Maxo Kream. He has a smooth flow that couples well with his voice, I could see him sounding good with more bass heavy beats. I’ll admit that there were times when I forgot that I was listening to him, a perfect example is his song It’s Lit. I had thought that it was Kikstand by ToddyMu but his voice made me think it was Maxo Kream. 

Personally I think that his wordplay could use a little work but he’s probably not the kind of artist that priotizes wordplay although it would improve his music a bit. 

Rishaud Parker 

So I initially stumbled upon this kid (even though he’s older than me) completely by mistake, I wasn’t even thinking about doing one of these until I heard his and his brother’s music. Parker’s style reminds me of Troy Ave or just about any rapper from the 90’s.  There’s several artist that I could compare him to for various reasons, but one that I want to focus on is VI Seconds. Parker and Shizzy have one thing in common and that’s the ability to convey a message or a story. 

If you’ve ever listened to Sour or Wonder Woman by VI Seconds then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Parker has the same talent although it’s a not as polished. He also seems to be more of a conscious rapper based off his lyrics. Another artist he reminds me of is Anonymuz (a.k.a Anon of the gaming illuminaughty), or to be more specific the way Anon rapped in his song The Ride, both of them had a rather smooth flow although Anon was more fluid (I wouldn’t mind hearing Parker spit some bars to the beat). There’s some room for improvement, mostly the fluidity of his lyrics. Experimenting with different styles would also help him as an artist and it would give him room for a little creativity, it’d also be pretty dope to hear him rap over some more non traditional beats like the ones made by Killing Spree or Natsu Fuji. 

Overall they’re two artist that have a lot of talent but also need to polish their music to get to the next level. I encourage you to check out BlyTheLewis’s SoundCloud and Rishaud Parker’s SoundCloud trust me you won’t be disappointed.