With the success of Pokemon Go one could imagine that plenty of companies have plenty of interest in some of Nintendo’s iconic franchises. Apple CEO Tim Cook made a visit to Japan and just so happened to stop by Nintendo and pay a visit to some of their executives. Now this could be easily blown off as him just checking out Super Mario Run, which he did play, but as always it could be Apple tryin to get their hands on some of Nintendo’s IP’s. 

Considering the fact that Pokemon Go had as much success as it did I could see Nintendo trying to bring some of its IP’s to mobile, mainly ones like Pokemon, Mario, and Fire Emblem. If this turned out to be true it would be a major boost in the mobile gaming market. 

It’s also worth noting that among the executives was Shigeru Miyamoto the creator of Mario. That little fact could suggest that apple may be trying to get more Mario games on IOS, but the reality is most likely that Cook just stopped by to see how the games development is going. 

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