So the other day a friend of mine wanted me to recommend him an anime to watch. There happened to be one little problem though, he doesn’t really watch much anime other than Naruto, DBZ, Bleach, and FMA. So I had to figure out some anime to recommend for him, which brought up another problem, finding a normal anime. What I mean by a normal anime that isn’t going to be awkward for the average person to watch. Looking for that type of anime is quite a task but luckily I found a few that are good enough for a non anime fan our just a casual watcher to view.

5) Ghost In The Shell

GITS is a series of movies that follow Major Motoko Kusanagi who happens to be an android. The series is very serious and is definitely capable off keeping anyone’s attention. 

4) Gangsta

Gangsta is a pretty serious anime that has plenty of action that follows the handymen (Worrick & Nicholas)who do some rather dirty and dangerous work for the cops, mafia, or anyone who’s willing to pay a good price.  Currently it only has a Japanese dub meaning that the viewers will have to read the subtitles. The only knock is that the show has characters that have some rather superhuman abilities (increased strength, Speed, etc) and the reason for it isn’t fully explained and probably won’t due to the fact that the creator has a lot of health problems, so the show may never be finished. 

3)Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon is the most normal anime on this list considering it’s lack of super powers and many other anime tropes. The show is very similar to Gangsta due to fact that the characters go around doing for hire jobs (that are illegal in nature). The show contaibs 29 total episodes broken into 2 seasons of 12 episodes and a 5 episode OVA titled Roberta’s Blood Trail. The Ova is intended to be watched after viewing both seasons. 

2)Moribito Guardian of the Spirit 

Moribito is a very story driven anime that’s perfect for someone who likes deep character and story development. The show follows it’s maine heroine Balsa who’s tasked with protecting a young prince who’s father wants him killed because a spirit is in him. The show is 25 episodes long so it has a pretty decent length but it’s not too long. The next pay off this show is it’s character development and story which were both well done. Check out my Moribito review for more info on the show. 

1) Ga Rei Zero

Exorcist Swords, Spirits, Exorcist families, and exorcist girls. All of this makes it seem like this isn’t the anime that you’d want to show a casual or someone who doesn’t watch anime right? Luckily the show has great character development and a solid story meaning that pretty much anyone can enjoy it. The animation is prerty solid so it’ll be pleasing to the eyes. Another little perk is that the show is only 12 episodes long so it’s really short. 

Honorable Mentions


In my opinion this would’ve been the best show of 2012 had they finished it. That’s right the anime never finished, but the manga kept going which is really ashame. 

Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans

Any show from the Gundam series is a good starting point for anyone who’s new to anime because it’s a classuc series and it’s not as fan service heavy as many other series and it’s more serious. 

Initial D

Initial D is the Fast & Furious of anime. If you don’t mind watching an anime about Racing you should definetlu check out this one.  

Darker Than Black

Darker Than Black is an anime that I’m a bit on the fence about if you want to show someone an anime that has a well written story. DTB has an interesting story but it’s not to fleshed out. For more information you can check out my Darker Than Black review.

Sword Art Online 

SAO is an anime that seems pretty decent until you notice the the fact that Suguha pretty much wanted to fucking have sex with Kirito, who is her cousin. aThere’s lso the fact that Asuna almost got raped by those two pink slug things.