Skyrim Special Edition to have limited mod space on PS4/Xbox One 

Anyone who played Skyrim should be happy to know that a remaster is on it’s way to PS4 and the Xbox One. According to our source the PS4 will only have a mere 1GB for mods and the XB1 will have 5GBs for mods. So far this seems to be a theme since Bethesdas Fallout 4 also offered more space on the Xbox One than the PS4. Fallout 4 offered 2 gigs on Xbox One and a truly pitiful 900MB on PS4. The PS4 version also won’t let you ise external assets so PlayStation owners are stuck with a gig but luckily the mod sizes are around 1MB and you can delete mods.

Skyrim: Special Edition is going to sell very well given the fact that it’s a very popular game. Personally I might to cop it but that lack of space for mods os pretty disturbing especially on the PS4. Hopefully Bethesda stops this apparent trend of limiting mod space on console.


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