Outside of story and art the most memorable part of an Anime is the music, whether it’s the opening, the ending, or a song that plays during a memorable fight scene the music plays an important role. Some songs have such an effect that you can remember it for years. But today I’m unfortunately not going to list my top 10 memorable songs but rather my 10 favorite at the moment.

10 Maon Kurosaki- Return to Destiny

This song is the third ending song to the 2011 hit anime Highschool Of The Dead. Kurosaki always does a great job when it comes to her vocals. 

9) Rei Yasuda- Mirror

The ending to The Irregular At Magic High School this song really just has an element that makes it special 

8) Ga Rei Zero’s Ending

I would put the title off the song but the name it’s long as hell so I’ll just say that this song will alwats bring the feels out of youbif you’ve seen Ga Rei Zero.

7) Know Name- Knew Day

First off let me state that whoever does the vocals for this song has a pretty damn powerful voice, and I don’t mean a manly voice. The vocalist voice just demands attention which seems to be something that’s pretty rare with asian female singers

6) Abingdon Boys School- From Dusk Til Dawn

This song is used in the ending credits for Darker Than Black‘s 2nd season. If you ever wanted to feel like you were in an anime This would be the song to do it to 

5) Maon Kurosaki- HOTD ED 1

If you can’t tell by now I really like Maon Kurosaki’s music. This song was the first ending for High School Of The Dead and it definetly fit the way the first episode ended.

4) Fairy Tail ED 18

This is without a doubt my favorite Fairy Tail ending. The vocalist’s voice is just so mature and powerful which always seems rare in Japanese music.

3) Another Heaven 

I have absolutely no idea who the artist is but the beginning of this song just sends a rush of nostalgia at me for no reason.

2) Gangsta ED

Gangsta was an amazing anime that was fourtunate enough to have an ending song that is as good as the show. 

1) Hitomi Harada- Overdrive

I’m not one that cares for rock music but my inner Famous Dex was like “oh man god damn” when I first heard this song. The vocalist is really putting her all into this song so you can.just feel the emotion from the song. 

These were my top 10 songs at the moment and trust me by next week this list would change. If you got any favorite songs from an anime or just any Japanese you like then let me know by leaving a comment. 

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