So the game I’m most excited for Final Fantasy XV (15) is going to get another demo tomorrow. There is a catch to it, the demo is only going to release in Japan at this point, although you can get it so long as you have a Japanese PSN account. The title of the demo is Judgement Disk.

Judgement Disk’s artwork

The demo will include the first half of the first chapter of the game and the opening. This demo is the third demo for FFXV the other two being Episode Duscae and the Platinum demo. Much like the Platinum demo Judgment Disk will be available on PS4 and Xbox One and not locked behind another game like Episode Duscae was ( FF type-0 HD was needed in order to play it). Unfortunately saved data won’t transfer over when the game fully releases. If you manage to beat the Demo then you’ll be rewarded with a “special video” in the game and as of now no one knows what the video is.