So Vice City dropped today and after listening to the album I gotta say this man is undoubtedly one of the best rappers around. Initially I underestimated how good the album was going to be, which was very idiotic considering how good Vice and Cowboy Bebop were. 

Apparently he spent about 2 years making the 14 track album that only contains one feature which is from Madi Larson on the 7th track Vice. Personally I wouldn’t really consider it a feature given the fact that she really isn’t singing or anything, she’s really more of a background noise to be honest. There were two songs that were released early. Those songs were Vice and Cowboy Bebop. Vice was released on Itunes, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify. Cowboy Bebop was only available on SoundCloud. 

The album mostly had a rather smooth feel to it. The album reminds me a bit of joyner Lucas because of the flow and style. Honestly the album is a little too smooth because I didn’t even get to the third track before I feel asleep. Overall the sound quality on the album was great and as usual he does one hell of a job when it comes to the lyrics and wordplay. 

Anon pretty much proved that he’s one of the best artist around and his following even managed to get him to #11 on the hip hop charts on Itunes last I checked which is pretty damn impressive. Personally I’ve never liked every song on an album until now, I can say that the entire album is on all of my hip hop playlist. Hands down Vice is my favorite song of the year. When I first listened to it I found myself in deep thought because of it (and of course the song plays as I’m writing this)

Overall Vice City is a great album that differs from a lot of mainstream projects.  If you’re not a fan of “mainstream rap” then I highly encourage you to listen to this album and support the artist.