A brand new trailer for Final Fantasy XV released yesterday, the trailer is called the 101 trailer. The purpose of the trailer is basically to tell you a bit about the characters and the game as a whole. 

The 101 trailer goes a bit more in depth about the gameplay, Summons, and the skill tree called “the ascension”. When the narrator was talking about the gameplay, stats, mini games, and the like he made a remark about catching your next meal I noticed that a little bar popped up saying that you had acquired the fish as if it were an item.

That little fact made me think about the food in the game mainly the recepies Ignis is going to use. The only real use of the fish would be for cooking, but I could be wrong. 

Another thing that I thought was interesting is that the food eaten in the game can boost your stats. Personally I don’t like that detail but it does allow you to further tweak the characters to fit with your style of gameplay. One thing that should’ve been expected by everyone is that the clothes have an effect your stats, I mean c’mon it’s an RPG it’s pretty much a must. FFXV drops next week.