If you haven’t heard by now bears QB Jay Cutler is going to have season ending shoulder surgery. The bears are most likely to trade or cut him if there is a good quarterback available. Cutler has spent the last 8 seasons in Chicago, before that he played for the Denver Broncos. At the age of 33 he may have 3-4 years left in his tank given that he can still throw well after the surgery and if he can stay healthy.

5: Arizona Cardinals 

The Cardinals may not have Carson Palmer come next season if ¬†he decides to retire meaning that they’ll have to rely on Drew Stanton, a drafted QB,sign a Quarterback in free agency, or trade for a QB. It’s more likely that they would sign a QB in free agency. Cutler would be pretty expensive but he could allow a mid round draft pick to develop and learn the playbook. He would be able to excel under Bruce Arians offense with all the weapons that offense has like Malcom Floyd, Larry Fitzgerald and David Johnson.

4: San Francisco 49ers

The 9ers don’t have any good Quarterbacks on their roster and will definitely be looking for a Quarterback after the season is over. Kaepernick will most likely be gone next year or will serve as a back up, Gabbert probably won’t even be on a team meaning that they need a quarterback. Offensively San Francisco doesn’t have many weapons so Cutler will struggle some especially if Chip Kelly is still the head coach.

3: Miami Dolphins

The dolphins have a rather strange QB situation with Ryan Tannehill. Sonwtimes he does great other times he can’t even throw for 100 yards. If Tannehill starts to play how he did earlier in the season then it’s a safe bet that they’ll move on from him.

2: Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags have Blake Bottles a very talented QB but he often under preforms meaning that if Gus Bradley us fired then Bortles may find himself on the bench. The Jags have a good offense consisting of WR’s Allen Hurns ans Allen Robinson, TE Julius Thomas, and RB’s TJ Yeldon & Chris Ivory. Those weapons would definitely allow Cutler to get out the deep ball and if they could get a running game going then they could be a playoff contender. The only problem would be their O-line.

1: New York Jets

The Jets practically need a new Quarterback. Ryan Fitzpatrick fell off, Geno Smith and Bryce Petty flat out can’t be long term solutions and Christian Hackenberg still needs to develop some. In New York Cutler would be reunited with former teammate WR Brandon Marshall who just so happens to be the Jets #1 receiver, alongside him he would have former Broncos receiver Eric Decker and another former teammate RB Matt Forte. The damage that could be done with Cutler at the helm of their offense would make the jets a playoff contender.

Personally I think the team that bestfits him is the Arizona Cardinals. Weapons like Malcom Floyd and Larry Fitzgerald would show that given the right assessts Cutler isn’t as bad as people think, he would also have the help of a very potent defense that can force turnovers and stop opponents from scoring.