So today I decided to watch an anime that I’ve been putting off for a good while and I must say that after the first two episodes I’m pretty impressed. Gantz is a psychological anime that has very dated animation that many fans of early ’00 and 90’s anime would like. This anime isn’t one of the run of the mill goofy light hearted shows that many anime fans

 Gantz is definitely an anime for people who don’t mind nudity and/or gore more so for the manga. 

The gore even starts in the 1st episode

 A little piece of advice is that you definitely don’t want to attempt to watch it in public, trust me the gore and nudity can come out of nowhwere. Overall the animation is pretty solid and looks pretty damn good for an anime that dropped in ’04. 

The nudity in the show would definitely be a deterrent for many people especially when you notice that a dog “went down” on a woman at the start of the second episode, which was to be frank was just flat out wrong wrong as in wrong as all fuck like border line hentai. Another moment of this awkwardness reminded me of a scene from kickass. The main character Kei just so happens to get a um… hard on when he happens to notice every female in his class being nude. 

The plot of the anime is that the characters are dead and are tasked with killing aliens that live secretly among humans the first encounter happens during the second  episode when they run into this Green onion high top fade having leprechaun looking mother fucker

In episode 3 the green onions big ass Brock Lesnar/Micheal Myers/Edward Scissor Hands looking nigga comes around and really fucks shit up. The first two episodes are pretty slow with the first episode mainly introducing you to the main characters and the second pretty much introduces you to who I assume is the rest of the cast. 

The music in the show so far isn’t too noteworthy and the only notable song is the opening which is pretty mediocre on my opinion, 

actually the opening is the only music I can actually remember. Unlike many other shows it feels as if the music does nothing to get you more interested in the scenes, it truly seems more like they rely on the action to draw you in but it could just be me not paying attention to the music. 

Going by the first three episodes I would definitely recommend Gantz for people who like more action oriented anime and aren’t bothered by gore and nudity. The show has very dated but very well done animation. You’ll most likely want to avoid watching it in public as the nudity can be strange like when the dog used them tounge skills on a certain female. Overall it’s a great psychological horror anime that’s worth watching and chances are that you’ll end up binge watching the show.