Earlier today I happened to stumble upon gameplay of a game that I originally doubted would interest me. Styx: Shards Of Darkness seems a bit childish at first due to the somewhat awkward comedy that’s in the game, and let me be honest the fact that Styx is a damn hunchback orc ogre thing doesn’t really help with the initial impressions. I mean come on he looks like Shrek’s junkie cousin. Outside of the odd humor of the game it looks like it has some pretty solid mechanics although I would’ve liked to see how well the player would fair if they were to actually engage in combat. 

Personally I usually wouldn’t play a game like this mainly because it revolves around Orcs, goblins, elf’s, and the other super nerd type of shit but seeing as it looks like a really good stealth game I’ll probably cop it. The game comes out march 17th for PC, PS4, and Xbox one.