Earlier today I happened to be on the app store and I noticed that you can pre-order Fire Emblem Heroes. For a good while now I’ve been saying that Fire Emblem should be available as a mobile game. As a fan of the franchise I’m pretty hype for this game to drop, which is somewhat strange since I usually don’t care for mobile games. 

From what I’m seeing the game looks like it’ll play like just about every other Fire Emblem game. The plot of the game sets you as a summoner who can summon characters from previous FE games, the characters will most likely be main characters like Martha, Ike, Chrome, Lucina, etc. If you’re worried that the game won’t have original characters then don’t worry because there’s gonna be original characters in the game too. The biggest downside to this game is that you’ll apparently need an internet connection at all times to play the game so Nintendo can take an L for that. 

If you’re wondering what characters are going to appear in the game then you should know that the fans decide that with the Choose Your Legends Event. Practically every FE character is eligible and I mean every damn character even ones from the OG games. If you’re gonna put in some votes then you should try to get the man Lon’qu in the game you so t regret it.