Veronica is a very mysterious and interesting character who isn’t talked about much in Gangsta. She’s only seen about twice in the show and manga. It seems as though her character had some secrets about Nicholas. the only information that’s really known about Veronica is that she lived with Worrick and Nicholas, she is a Twilight, and she was apparently killed by Nicholas. 

The fact that it’s said that Nicholas killed her seems a bit strange to me, Nicholas doesn’t seem like the type of person to kill some one to who’s very close to him. It os also possible that he didn’t kill Veronica, I say that because there are people who think that that terminally ill girl in the brothel is in fact Veronica. That theory could also be backed up by what Gina Paulkee said to Nicholas about ODing on Celebrer. If she actually is the girl in the brothel then her over dosing on Celebrer would be a make the most sense. 

Another possibility is that her overdosing on Celebrer could have caused her to become rather violent causing Nicholas to have to kill her. The only problem with that theory is that we don’t know what her rank is, she could be as strong as Ginger or weaker like Delico. I think that she’s the ill girl in the brothel because they seem pretty similar from what we’re able to see combined with the fact that Nicholas was in the room with her. 

It would be nice if Veronica’s character was more fleshed out because it seems as though she’ll have an important role in the series especially since she’s close to Worrick and Nicholas. If the manga and show ever come off of hiatus I would hope that they explain more about her and possibly make her a little more important in the series.