If you’re not satisfied with a plain old Xbox one controller or you don’t want to dish out $100+ on a custom controller then you should know that Microsoft announced two new colorways for their Xbox One controller. Both controllers will cost about $70. 

The first controller is the Winter Special Forces Edition controller and features a white digital camo design. This controller is the latest edition into the Special Forces series of Xbox controllers. It has a rather simplistic design but it manages to look pretty dope especially with the white and grey on the face buttons. The controller would look even better had they made the D-pad chrome or silver. 

The next controller colorway is called Ocean Shadow which is a fitting name due to the black/ Blue colorway. The same color scheme continues onto the XYAB buttons. If the controller had a blue chrome D-pad it would look oh so sexy. Let me know whether you think these controllers are heat or if they’re just weak with a comment.