PS4’s update 4.50 gets it’s details released

PlayStation apparently has revealed the details about their latest update. The new update is update 4.50 and according to our plug the update has been code named Saskue. The update will include

  • Custom Wallpapers: PS4 owners will be able to use screenshots as wallpapers on their console
  • External HDD Support: Users will finally be able use external Hard Drives with their PS4, this feature should’ve been available day one but it’s better to get it later instead of never getting it. 
  • 3D Blu-ray on PlayStation VR: If you fuck with 3D movies and own PlayStation VR then Sony has has you covered because you can now get the full 3D experience at home. 
  • Refreshed Quick Menu: 
    Sony does a welcome refresh of their Quick Menu

Overall the updates main features are good with the only truly significant thing being External Hard Drive support. It would’ve been nice if they did a full on overhaul of the UI and made it look better but they didn’t. 


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